When it comes to heating and cooling your home, you might be surprised to learn that there are several options to choose from. Two of the most popular choices include heat pumps and packaged systems. But which one is right for your home? If you live in Wickenburg, AZ, check out this guide to decide which type of HVAC unit you need to stay cool on those hot Arizona days.

How It Works

With a packaged system, you’ll have a single cabinet placed outside your home. This contains the compressor, coils, and air handler. This system provides cool air along with limited warmth through electrical strip heating. You’ll need air supply and return ducts that come through an exterior wall or roof to push the cool air inside. A heat pump, on the other hand, is a central air conditioner that is part of a split system. If you choose a heat pump for your HVAC needs, you’ll have both an outdoor cabinet (with the condenser and compressor) and an indoor cabinet (with the evaporator coil). An air handler is also included as part of the furnace to send cool air through your home’s duct system.

Pros and Cons of Heat Pumps

Generally, heat pumps have better efficiency compared to a packaged system. Due to some of the components being indoors, the system is not to exposed to as much heat as a packaged system. However, heat pumps do take up more space and can be more difficult to install.

Pros and Cons of Packaged Systems

With a packaged system, installation and maintenance are easier because all the components are located in one place. Packaged systems also don’t take up any indoor space and offer quieter performance since everything is located outside. However, outdoor components are also at a greater risk for damage and can be exposed to excess heat. If you’re not sure which of these air conditioning units is right for your Wickenburg area home, just give Wickenburg Air a call at 928-427-6480.