Making sure your heating and cooling unit is in good working order can prevent unexpected breakdowns and can extend the life of these climate control systems in your Wickenburg, AZ home. The U.S. Department of Energy has compiled a list of some of the most common signs of trouble with air conditioning systems. If your HVAC unit is making strange noises, calling your local heating and cooling company is a good first step toward resolving these issues and restoring your system to full and efficient performance.


Loud squealing noises from your indoor unit typically indicate problems with lubrication or a failing belt. In both cases, prompt attention can prevent serious damage to your air conditioning system. Replacing worn or malfunctioning belts is a relatively simple process that can extend the functional life of your HVAC system while ensuring the most efficient operation on hot Arizona summer days.

Loud Clicking

If you frequently hear loud clicks from your indoor heating and cooling unit, it could be a sign of electrical issues caused by a faulty or failing capacitor. Replacing these components quickly is essential to protect your system from damage and to avoid unwanted breakdowns that can leave your home or business without reliable climate control when you need it most.


Extended humming noises from your outdoor HVAC unit may indicate that a capacitor in this system has failed completely. The added stress on your system caused by a failed capacitor can lead to further damage and could even burn out critical elements of your compressor. Shutting down your HVAC system and calling a professional technician for help is the best way to approach issues with loud or prolonged humming from your outdoor unit.

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