You may find that some rooms in your Aguila, Arizona, home are too warm during the summer, while others are too cold. Are your family members arguing about the thermostat, trying to find a temperature everyone can agree on? Multi-zone technology might be the energy-efficient resolution to your heating and cooling issues.

About Zoned Systems

Zoned HVAC systems help maximize your home’s heating and cooling output and efficiency by dividing it into multiple temperature zones that are individually controlled. Each zone has either its own HVAC unit or electronic baffles that let you independently approve set temperatures. Every zone has its own thermostat.

Benefits of a Zoned System

These systems are great options for larger homes, multi-story homes, and family members who have specific temperature preferences. Let’s look at how these systems can benefit you.

Save Energy

A single-zone system keeps every room at the same temperature — even when rooms aren’t being used (like upstairs bedrooms during the day). Separate HVAC units improve energy savings by cooling or heating only the areas being used and help reduce monthly utility bills.

Balance Temperature

It might be harder to keep older or two-story homes the same temperature throughout — one area is often hotter or colder than the rest. A zoned system can help you maintain a consistent temperature.

Less System Wear and Tear

Zoned HVAC systems don’t need to work as hard, and that means they should work better and longer, reducing the amount of money you spend on repair bills and maintenance work. And if one of the systems happens to fail, the other can keep you cool while repairs are being made.

A multi-zone HVAC system might just be what you need to make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. If you’re interested in learning more, our staff at Wickenburg Air can answer your questions. Give us a call at 928-427-6480, and we can help you evaluate your options and choose the system that’s right for you.