Being that it’s the end of winter, you may be tempted to put off replacing your Yarnell, AZ home’s furnace for eight or nine months. However, planning ahead is never a bad idea. In fact, if you start thinking about it now you’ll have plenty of time to figure out exactly how you want to proceed with your new furnace replacement.

Planning Ahead is the Way to Go

Allowing yourself adequate time to research different kinds of furnace replacements means that you can find the perfect heating system for your home. If you were to wait until next winter to make your decision, you might find yourself pressed for time. This is especially true if your furnace happens to break down and you have to scramble to decide what your next course of action will be.

Thinking about your investment beforehand gives you time to consider what features are important to you. Modern furnaces have a wide range of features including smart controls, variable-speed blowers, and modulating or two-speed heat output. Planning your purchase now also give you time to begin putting money away so that you’re not forced to settle for a lesser unit.

Consider Replacing Both Your AC and Your Furnace Together

If your AC was struggling last summer, or it’s just getting old, it may be time to replace it as well. New air conditioners and furnaces boast better energy-efficiency ratings than models from even ten years ago. If you are considering a variable capacity or two-stage system you may need to replace both your furnace and AC together.

Having your heating and cooling systems replaced separately can cost more since the contractors will have to come out more. Packaged systems offer high-efficiency solutions and take up less space than two separate units.

Local HVAC Experts You Can Trust

Don’t wait until your Yarnell, AZ home is in dire need of a new furnace to start thinking about a furnace replacement service. Call Wickenburg Air at (928) 427-6480 or visit us online to see how we can help.