If you want reliable and efficient heating this winter in your Congress, AZ home, HVAC maintenance is a must. The best time for a tuneup is early fall. During service, your technician will perform a series of tasks to optimize performance, maximize efficiency and prevent repairs and breakdowns. Here’s what to expect during a tuneup:

  • Equipment cleaning: Your heater will be cleaned from top to bottom; dirty systems have to overwork to keep you comfortable. Cleaning also keeps furnace operation safe.
  • Performance issues check: Your service tech will identify potential or existing problems that require repairs or could cause equipment breakdowns.
  • Furnace inspection: Your tech will inspect your furnace for safety hazards and check all gas or oil connections, burner combustion, gas pressure and the heat exchanger for safety and performance. Dirty burners and dirty or cracked heat exchangers not only interfere with performance and efficiency, but they could also cause gas or carbon monoxide leaks and fires.
  • Tighten electrical connections: All connections should be tightened, and the voltage and current on motors should be checked. Poor electrical connections are unsafe and could shorten the life of components.
  • Condensate line check: The condensate line and evaporator coils should be cleaned, and the condensate line should be cleared of any blockages. Clogs can damage the system; they can also cause puddling around the heater, humidity problems, and ceiling leaks. A dirty drain pan can pollute indoor air.
  • Thermostat and controls check: Thermostats and controls should be calibrated and checked for safety and accuracy.
  • Lubrication of moving parts: Friction in moving parts increases the amount of energy used by the unit.

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Your technician should also clean or replace the air filter and advise your of any problems. To learn more about your Congress, AZ HVAC system or to schedule a heater tune-up, visit Wickenburg Air or call us directly at 928-427-6480.