A home with clean air is a healthy home. To maintain the air quality in Wickenburg, AZ homes, an air cleaner system provides the solution to a healthier home environment.

Benefits of an Air Cleaner System

A major benefit of an air purifier system is cleaner air throughout the entire home. The systems are designed to remove particulates in the air such as pet dander, dust mites, stuffy odors, and pollutants that can cause allergies, asthma attacks, headaches, respiratory infections, and for some, difficulty with breathing. One of the steps recommended for homes with an HVAC system is to replace the filter. Depending on the amount of usage and the number of airborne particulates being drawn through the system, the filter may require frequent replacements. With an air purifier, a filter can last from three to nine months before needing a replacement, which is a money saver. Cleaner air in the home means a more efficiently operating air conditioning and heating system. With an air purifier system pulling pollutants out of the air, the integrity of the ductwork isn’t compromised by getting clogged with particulates building up. The HVAC filter also remains usable for a longer time span. Both result in a more energy and cost-efficient system.

Types of Air Cleaner Systems

Three of the main types of air purifiers are the HEPA air purifier, a stand-alone electrostatic air cleaner, and a connected electrostatic air cleaner. The HEPA air purifier uses a fan and HEPA filters to trap and clean the air. The stand-alone system uses polarization and an activated carbon filter to clean the air. Both are independent and not connected to the HVAC system. The connected electrostatic system is attached to the HVAC system and uses MERV and HEPA filters plus electrostatic polarization to improve the air quality. If an air cleaner is on your list of home upgrades, contact Wickenburg Air at (928) 427-6480. Our expert team is ready to put “fresh” back into your home with a Trane CleanEffects™ system. Image provided by Shutterstock